Henris Lek Morradin, Grand Marshal of Legions and Victor of the Day of Justice. He is known as the Emperor's favorite attack dog.

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Early Life Edit

He had an arranged marriage to a woman he didn't love. He had two children with her, a son and a daughter, both were disappointments to him. Before his post as the Grand Marshal, he was the leader of the Imperial Guard, he turned them into the most disciplined fighting force in the world.

The Waking Fire Edit

He was sent to Morsvale by the emperor to begin the reconquest of Arradsia. He arrived with the Scarlet Legion on one of the empire's new turbine equipped warships, The Regal.

The Legion of Flame Edit

He was captured by drakes and brought back to the ruins of Morsvale where the White spoiled him and made him the commander of the legions of Spoiled.