Claydon Torcreek is one of the main POV characters in the Draconis Memoria.

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Clay's temper runs hot. This causes him to act or speak first and think later. As the books progress and he grows as a person, he becomes more thoughtful.

He is a natural protector. This instinct stems from an abusive father who murdered Clay's mother. After he killed his father and was living on the streets, Clay adopted the orphaned Derk and Joya. This instinct was seen again when his cousin Loriabeth was about to be attacked by Greens. Clay jumped from the wall and ran to her aid before anyone could stop him.

Clay can also show deep levels of ruthlessness. When he discovers that SIlverpin was behind the whole expedition and that she had used him so thoroughly, he didn't so much as flinch after he shot her between the eyes when she moved to prtect the White.

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Clay was present for the Carvenport disaster. The Black's escape allowed him to leave without being registered as a Blood-blessed.

His father was an abusive alcoholic. Clay's mother was a kind woman who did her best to raise him, but after she died, all that was left was Clay's father. At some point Clay killed his father, Braddon's brother, and when he tried to take refuge with Braddon, he was turned away for patricide.

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Clay is an unregistered blood-blessed. Like all blood-blessed, he gains power from consuming the blood of drakes. He is most proficient with Black.

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  • Lizanne Lethridge
  • Braddon Torcreek
  • Silverpin

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