Blood-blessed are individuals who gain abilities from consuming elixirs made from the blood of the drakes native to the continent of Arradsia.

Children are tested together at an event called the... A drop of drakes blood is placed on their skin. The blood will scorch or even burn the skin of a normal person. But on a blood-blessed it will leave behind a pearl white drop.

Every blood-blessed can use the various types of blood or "product", but some blessed are more proficient with certain kinds over others. Claydon is proficient with black blood while Lizanne is equally proficient with all four.

Consumption Edit

There are various ways in which a blessed may absorb product. The original is by imbibing the product, though raw product can have terribly damaging effects on the blessed's body. In later years, distillations have been created which allow for the mixing of various bloods as well as diluting the blood so as to make much more use of a barrel of product.

Jermayah Tollermine of The Ironship Trading Syndicate invented an arm mounted device which allows a blessed to inject themselves with product via syringes. The spider, as it is called, is used for covert operations and can allow a blessed to surprise an opponent by using product without having to take the time to raise a vial or flask to their mouth.

Blood-Blessed Organizations Edit

Covert Affairs Edit

The Blood Cadre Edit

Known Blood-Blessed Edit

  • Claydon Torcreek
  • Lizanne Lethridge
  • Ethlynne Drystone
  • Silverpin
  • Lodima Bondersil
  • The Dressmaker
  • The Tinker
  • Red Allice
  • Edgerhand